02、Advanced Thermal Management Materials

03、Advanced Materials for Thermal Management of Electronic Packaging

04、Thermal Management of Gallium Nitride Electronics


06、Advanced Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment


08、Thermal Management Handbook: For Electronic Assemblies



11、Thermal Management of Microelectronic Equipment


13、Thermal Design of Liquid Cooled Microelectronic Equipment



16、Heat Pipe Science and Technology

17、Handbook of Thermal Management of Engines


19、Thermal Sciences: An Introduction to Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer

20、Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics

21、Thermodynamics and An Introduction To Thermostatistics

22、Fundamentals of thermodynamics

23、Incroperas Principles Of Heat And Mass Transfer

24、ANSYS Icepak电子散热基础教程



作者:[美] 吕道强(Daniel Lu), 汪正平(C.P.Wong)编,陈明祥,尚金堂 译



作者:Guosheng Jiang, Liyong Diao, Ken Kuang

《Advanced Thermal Management Materialsprovides a comprehensive and hands-on treatise on the importance of thermal packaging in high performance systems. These systems, ranging from active electronically-scanned radar arrays to web servers, require components that can dissipate heat efficiently. This requires materials capable of dissipating heat and maintaining compatibility with the packaging and dye. Coverage includes all aspects of thermal management materials, both traditional and non-traditional,with an emphasis on metal based materials. An in-depth discussion of properties and manufacturing processes, and current applications are provided. Also presented are a discussion of the importance of cost, performance and reliability issues when making implementation decisions, product life cycle developments, lessons learned and future directions.


作者:[美] Xingcun Colin Tong(仝兴存),安兵,吕卫文,吴懿平 译

《Advanced Materials for Thermal Management of Electronic Packaging》,Covers ceramics and glasses, polymers, metals, metallic composites, multi-material laminates, carbonaceous materials, and carbon-matrix composites. Provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of thermal management solutions. Includes fundamentals of heat transfer and materials characterization techniques.


作者:Marko Tadjer, Travis Anderson

《Thermal Management of Gallium Nitride Electronics》outlines the technical approaches undertaken by leaders in the community, the challenges they have faced, and the resulting advances in the field. This book serves as a one-stop reference for compound semiconductor device researchers tasked with solving this engineering challenge for future material systems based on ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors. A number of perspectives are included, such as the growth methods of nanocrystalline diamond, the materials integration of polycrystalline diamond through wafer bonding, and the new physics of thermal transport across heterogeneous interfaces. Over the past 10 years, the book's authors have performed pioneering experiments in the integration of nanocrystalline diamond capping layers into the fabrication process of compound semiconductor devices. Significant research efforts of integrating diamond and GaN have been reported by a number of groups since then, thus resulting in active thermal management options that do not necessarily lead to performance derating to avoid self-heating during radio frequency or power switching operation of these devices. Self-heating refers to the increased channel temperature caused by increased energy transfer from electrons to the lattice at high power. This book chronicles those breakthroughs.





作者:Ralph Remsburg

《Advanced Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment》The field of electronic packaging continues to grow at an amazing rate. To be successful in this field requires analytical skills, a foundation in mechanical engineering, and access to the latest developments in the electronics field. The emphasis for each project that the electronic packaging engineer faces changes from project to project, and from company to company, yet some constants should continue into the foreseeable future. One of these is the emphasis on ther­mal design. Although just a few years ago thermal analysis of electronic equipment was an afterthought, it is becoming one of the primary aspects of many packaging jobs. It seems that the days of just adding a bigger fan to reduce the overheat­ing problem are almost over. Replacing that thought is the up-front commitment to CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software code, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software, and the realization that the problem will only get worse. As the electronic circuit size is reduced, speed is increased. As the power of these systems increases and the volume allowed diminishes, heat flux or density has spiraled. Much of the improvement in the reliability and packaging density of electronic circuits can be traced to advances in thermal design. While air cooling is still used extensively, advanced heat transfer techniques using exotic synthetic liquids are becoming more prominent, allowing still smaller systems to be manufactured. The appli­cation of advanced thermal management techniques requires a background in fluid dynamics.


作者:黄智伟 等



作者:Jerry E. Sergent, Al Krum

《Thermal Management Handbook: For Electronic Assemblies》In recent years, heat-sensitive electronic systems have been miniaturized far more than their heat-producing power supplies, leading to major design and reliability challenges and making thermal management a critical design factor. This timely handbook covers all the practical issues that any packaging engineer must consider with regard to the thermal management of printed circuit boards, hybrid circuits, and multichip modules. Readers will also benefit from the extensive data on material properties and circuit functions, thus enabling more intelligent decisions at the design stage and preventing thermal-related problems from occurring in the first place.


作者:[美] Younes Shabany 著 , 余小玲,吴伟烽,刘飞龙 译





作者:Lian-Tuu Yeh

《Thermal Management of Microelectronic Equipment》Electronics are the heart of any modern equipment. Thermal control of electronic equipment has long been one of the major areas of application of heat transfer technologies. Many improvements in reliability, power density, and physical miniaturization of electronic equipment over the years can be attributed in part to improved thermal analysis and design of systems. Improved thermal design has been made possible through advances in heat transfer technologies as well as computational methods and tools. The primary function of cooling systems for electronic equipment is to provide an acceptable thermal environment in which the equipment can operate. 


作者:[美] Seda Ogrenci-Memik 著,朱芳波,郭广亮,舒涛 译

《集成电路热管理:片上和系统级的监测及冷却》着重讲述了集成电路热管理部分的片上和系统级的监测及冷却,内容包括:集成电路和系统热设计的挑战以及芯片发热原理;芯片内置温度传感器的分类、构造、工作原理和设计挑战,基于芯片内置温度传感器的动态热管理方法和控制原理;针对集成电路和IC芯片的主动冷却措施、工作原理,并重点介绍了空气冷却、液体冷却、TEC热电制冷以及相变冷却技术;系统层以及数据中心层面的热事件缓解措施与方法,着重介绍了数据中心内设备的工作负载均衡技术以及热感知、热管理技术;片上和系统级的温度检测新发展趋势。本书内容丰富、涉及的专业知识面广,适合于从事热设计、热管理领域的从业人员,以及电子工程师、集成电路设计工程师,以及高等院校相关专业师生阅读。(英文名称:Heat management in integrated circuits: On-chip and system-level monitoring and cooling)


作者:Lian-Tuu Yeh

《Thermal Design of Liquid Cooled Microelectronic Equipment》This book places a great deal of emphasis on providing practical solutions to thermal issues related to high power systems where liquid cooling is required. The book serves as a general thermal design guide for any liquid cooled systems with the main focus on microelectronic equipment that includes digital and/or analog devices. This book provides a comprehensive review and overview of all liquid cooling technologies as well as their applications to commercial products in industry. To facilitate design and analysis, the most commonly used correlations for the friction factor and heat transfer coefficient with either single phase liquid or two phase flow are summarized in the book. The general guidelines for thermal design of liquid cooled systems along with a step-by-step thermal analysis and design procedure are presented for liquid cooled systems with or without boiling. To meet the needs in telecommunication industry in which no liquid cooled rack is currently available commercially, a detailed system thermal design of liquid cooled telecommunication equipment is made, and two thermal design options based on open loop and closed loop cooling schemes, respectively are presented. Furthermore, the cooling solutions and design procedures discussed here can readily and easily be applied to any systems in other industries.


作者:[加] Ibrahim Dincer 等 著,雍安姣 等 译



作者:中国制冷学会,中国汽车工程学会 编


作者:Amir Faghri

《Heat Pipe Science and Technology》Written to cover simple, intermediate, and advanced approaches to the theoretical and experimental analysis of heat pipes, this second edition emphasizes the physics and mathematics of heat pipes as well as the related technological and experimental issues. Reflecting the advancements in heat pipe science and technology, while still adhering to the fundamental principles, this second edition covers topics such as: Basic principles and applications of heat pipes, Solid-liquid-vapor phenomena in heat pipes, Steady-state characteristics of heat pipes, Heat transport limitations of heat pipes, Transient and frozen startup of heat pipes, Two-phase closed thermosyphons, Rotating and revolving heat pipes, Variable conductance heat pipes, Loop heat pipes and capillary pumped loops, Micro and miniature heat pipes, Pulsating and oscillating heat pipes, Heat pipe heat exchangers and heat sinks, Nonconventional heat pipes, Special effects in heat pipes, Heat pipe design, testing, and manufacturing.


作者:P. A. Lakshminarayanan, Avinash Kumar Agarwal

《Handbook of Thermal Management of Engines》This handbook deals with the vast subject of thermal management of engines and vehicles by applying the state of the art research to diesel and natural gas engines. The contributions from global experts focus on management, generation, and retention of heat in after-treatment and exhaust systems for light-off of NOx, PM, and PN catalysts during cold start and city cycles as well as operation at ultralow temperatures. This book will be of great interest to those in academia and industry involved in the design and development of advanced diesel and CNG engines satisfying the current and future emission standards.





作者:Merle C. Potter, Elaine P. Scott

《Thermal Sciences: An Introduction to Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer》This book covers three key subjects: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Taking a well-balanced approach, the authors clearly demonstrate the connections among the three interrelated subjects. Because of the consistent terminology and continuity, readers will find it easier to learn the three subjects. Instructors will also find it easier to refer to material covered earlier (e.g. thermodynamic laws as applied in fluid mechanics and heat transfer). The book has a design emphasis and provides the appropriate amount of material for non-mechanical engineering students. Addressing various levels of difficulty, the authors provide a wealth of examples and exercises, including synthesis problems and design problems.


作者:Frederick Reif

《Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics》Reif first introduces basic probability concepts and statistical methods used throughout all of physics. Statistical ideas are then applied to systems of particles in equilibrium to enhance an understanding of the basic notions of statistical mechanics, from which derive the purely macroscopic general statements of thermodynamics. Next, he turns to the more complicated equilibrium situations, such as phase transformations and quantum gases, before discussing nonequilibrium situations in which he treats transport theory and dilute gases at varying levels of sophistication. In the last chapter, he addresses some general questions involving irreversible processes and fluctuations. A large amount of material is presented to facilitate students later access to more advanced works, to allow those with higher levels of curiosity to read beyond the minimum given on a topic, and to enhance understanding by presenting several ways of looking at a particular question. Formatting within the text either signals material that instructors can assign at their own discretion or highlights important results for easy reference to them. Additionally, by solving many of the 230 problems contained in the text, students activate and embed their knowledge of the subject matter.


作者:Herbert B. Callen

《Thermodynamics and An Introduction To Thermostatistics》The only text to cover both thermodynamic and statistical mechanics--allowing students to fully master thermodynamics at the macroscopic level. Presents essential ideas on critical phenomena developed over the last decade in simple, qualitative terms. This new edition maintains the simple structure of the first and puts new emphasis on pedagogical considerations. Thermostatistics is incorporated into the text without eclipsing macroscopic thermodynamics, and is integrated into the conceptual framework of physical theory.


作者:Richard E. Sonntag, Claus Borgnakke

《Fundamentals of thermodynamics》Covering classical thermodynamics with a focus on practical applications, this book provides a basic foundational skillset applicable across a variety of engineering fields. Worked examples demonstrate the appropriate use of new formulas, while clarifying the proper approach to generalized problems of a relevant nature. Going beyond the usual guidance in the basics of the field, this book is designed as comprehensive preparation for more advanced study in students' engineering field of choice.


作者:Frank P. Incropera 等

《Incroperas Principles Of Heat And Mass Transfer》从传热学的一些基本概念和原理入手,深入讨论了热传导、对流和辐射的基本原理,其中还包括对流传质与扩散传质的一些内容。文中穿插了典型例题,并给出了详细的解析。每章末附有大量实用的习题,供读者练习。全书最后附有物质的热物性等数据,以方便读者查阅。全书语言流畅,图文并茂,论理清楚,实用性强,是一本传热和传质学方面不可多得的经典教材。本书还配有习题集,给出了重要习题的详细解答步骤,可供参考使用。(《传热和传质基本原理(原著第6版)》)



《ANSYS Icepak电子散热基础教程》本书将电子散热设计分析的基本概念与ANSYS Icepak热仿真实际案例紧密结合,对ANSYS Icepak的基础操作进行了系统的讲解说明,通过大量原创的分析案例,向读者全面介绍ANSYS Icepak电子散热分析模拟的方法、步骤。全书共10章,详细讲解了ANSYS Icepak的技术特征、ANSYS Icepak建立热仿真模型的方法、ANSYS Icepak的网格划分、ANSYS Icepak热模拟的求解及后处理显示、ANSYS Icepak常见技术专题案例、ANSYS Icepak宏命令Macros详细讲解等,并在部分章节列举了相关案例。本书适合作为电子、信息、机械、力学等相关专业的研究生或本科生学习ANSYS Icepak的参考书,也非常适合从事电子散热优化分析的工程技术人员学习参考。





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